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to this particular window onto the endless worlds of the multiverse. The realms you see from here may be of many kinds: some like, some utterly unlike our own. Travel first to Waypoint, the city in the Void, if you are unsure of what you seek, for many have found answers there to questions they had not even known they had. Or, should you know your destination, gaze into the blackness… focus… and travel via the wormholes to your left.

Distant Realms hosts, or will host, both an overview of my work (about me) and a much, much deeper look into any and all aspects that, for whatever reason, I haven’t been able to explore in the books. It is, essentially, a site for all things mine.

The “Around the Multiverse” category gives you the full universe information for every listed world. It contains a lot of spoilers, right from the very beginning, by its very nature. “Books”, by contrast, shows only the information for each published or nearly-published book, although they do generally link to the wider surrounding universe, as well as to their prequels and sequels. “Series” catalogues all the serial or minor things I've written and consider worthy of showing to the general public. Finally, over in the “Chronicles”, there’s all the slightly more real-world stuff, from my day-to-day thoughts in my online journal to the About Me page to the privacy and copyright information.

To see the fonts I've actually chosen for the website, you may need to enable scripting for DistantRealms.Net only. That's currently the only thing the scripts do; everything else is handled by the server. If you like them, you can find out more about them and get them for your own computer via the Copyright link in the footer.