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Erithenia: Reclamation

Fifty years ago, archaeology student Aidan “Dale” Delaney embarked on a trip into a desolate land that was once the cradle of civilisation, and it was there he died. Changed by death, Dale returned to his people as an immortal, one of the ageless few, and by all rights his story should simply have continued on, weaving through adventures and expeditions, cheating death and time alike.

Then came the shipwreck. A shipwreck that would prove to be only the first and smallest in a series of events that threaten not simply to change the course of history, but bring it crashing to an end. For the Eritheans, half-mythical figures of legend, have returned to the world of Thenia, and so too have the monsters they once fought against. When Dale’s escape from the lifeless Heartlands unavoidably brings him into contact with the long-lost Eritheans, he finds himself presented with a mystery whose answers will determine the fate of Thenia itself.

But Dale is not alone. As civilisation struggles against a forgotten terror and a new kind of evil stalks him in order to snuff out the answers before they are even found, he is aided by Tina, a historian with a fringe theory about the lost people of the Heartlands; by Cirin, a survivor with a stubborn core that will not let him fail; and by the fallen Eritheans themselves, though they can no longer tell him what they once did to stem the tide or what he must do to do so again.

Publication Information

Book One of the Erithenia series (probably a trilogy, unless the third book grows in the writing). Coming soon… Reclamation will be submitted to some major publishers for consideration, which is likely to cause a delay in the release time of up to two years as submissions must be made consecutively rather than concurrently — that is to say, submitting to two at once is frowned on. If said publishers aren't interested, it will still be published as an ebook and print-on-demand in the manner of Before the Sun Fades.

Book Two, Ascension, to follow…