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This page is worth reading, if only because I have a non-standard and generally more permissive approach to copyright than seems to be the current norm. Not your usual legal boilerplate!


Copyright, as it currently stands under modern law and use, is not, in my opinion, really fit for purpose. For that reason, I typically employ a variety of Creative Commons licences in my work: the majority of this website, for example, is presented under a CC–BY–NC–SA licence (see below).

In this age of computers in particular, the current state of copyright is far, far too controlling. It veers dangerously close to dictating what people can think and say in everyday life, now that the rather permanent record of the Internet is used for the historically-transient medium of speech, and both individuals and corporations have been trying to shut that sort of thing down left, right, and centre by using copyright law (and the length of time a copyright is valid for has rather bizarrely been expanded every time a cartoon mouse threatens to enter the public domain…) to try and wipe out anything, even from fans of theirs in many cases, that they don’t control themselves. I don’t see why having come up with something should permit anyone to control what other people think and say about it.

Which I suppose is probably another reason I shouldn’t buy whatever this generation of Nintendo console is called… They can have my cash when they behave like decent people again.

Why Non-Commercial?

In an ideal world, I wouldn’t need or use that clause, and in fact I probably shouldn’t even in the world we've actually got. I am, however, a mildly paranoid, overly-possessive, somewhat controlling individual, and I use the NC clause as a kind of safeguard against my own unfounded concerns. Honestly, I suspect the Share-Alike clause is quite enough to protect against the actions of large corporations (which don’t like anything they can’t copyright; a certain large company and a lot of public domain fairytales come to mind)… but just in case, I retain the NC to give myself a little extra legal leverage.

That said — if you enjoy my work and want to make some money from something you make based on it, by all means get in touch! (Get in touch link not yet in existence; working on it!) It would be a great compliment and I would almost certainly say yes, give or take a few conditions.

Or, you could wait until I die, at which point I intend to put it in my will that all my work should be immediately re-released BY–SA for the world to use. Might take a while, though!

Why Share-Alike?

This goes into my philosophical objections to the current copyright system. I’m of the opinion (as a moral judgement, it is by nature an opinion) that things as they stand are to some extent morally wrong. I won’t encourage them any further; to the extent that I’ve been given the capacity to dictate the actions of others as regards my own work, they can at least play nice with it.

Why Attribution?

I made these things, I’m quite proud of them, and I’d like to have that recognised. It’s only polite, really. This is without doubt the most important of the clauses, followed closely by Share-Alike, followed at some distance by Non-Commercial.

My Least Favourite Complaint

Let’s just make one last little point here, shall we? There are a lot of people out there who like to whine that anyone who doesn't obsessively push to maximise the scope of control granted by copyright must hate authors and want them to fail. As an actual author, allow me to just point out that that opinion is hereby provably stupid, unless you’d like to try and argue to my face that I want myself to fail — or that I’m terminally stupid, take your pick. Either way, if you want to make that argument, consider what that says about yourself first…


BY: Attribution — The nice, obvious bit, this requires anyone using or building on my writings to note that I’m the original author of the original work! (You may do this by any of my known names or pseudonyms. I don’t mind: if I didn’t want them used, I should probably not use them myself.) Linking back to this website is also encouraged (hint, hint).

SA: Share-Alike — If you base something on my work, you should release it under the same licence I use. Unless you’ve got in touch with me and I’ve given you special permissions.

NC: Non-Commercial — If you want to make money explicitly from something based on my work, ask me first.

Of Note: All the usual exemptions to copyright still apply. It’s still perfectly fine to use all the fair use criteria you would expect.

Finally, Fanfiction: is awesome. Write it. Then tell me you wrote it. The day you see a fanfic is the day you know you’ve really made it as an author.


The Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike licence covers most of this website’s text. If my summary interpretation of it here conflicts with the actual terms, the actual terms win. I’m only human too, and I make all kinds of horrible typographical and conceptual errors and don't have anyone but me to check myself. The full, legal, enforceable text of the licence can be found here, on the Creative Commons website. The handy human-readable official summary is here. The text of the Creative Commons public licences is dedicated to the public domain under the CC0 Public Domain Dedication. Creative Commons don’t endorse my website or, as far as I’m aware, even have any idea that it exists.

External Copyrights


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